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Our Mission

To Provide Uncompromising Investment Research

Important notice!

JTVIR provides independent research reports to institutional clients for fixed and subscription fees. JTVIR's affiliate, JTVIO, provides advisory services to entities in connection with financing deals, mergers and acquisitions, mine services, valuations, fairness opinions, strategy, corporate services and capital raising. For its advisory services, JTVIO may be compensated up to a year after the termination of JTVIO's services or advisory agreement. It is JTVIR's policy not to provide research reports or updates to such reports for any entity that has engaged JTVIO's services.

Company Profile

JOHN TUMAZOS VERY INDEPENDENT RESEARCH, LLC (JTVIR LLC) is registered as an investment advisor in the State of NJ. We have 30-odd institutional clients in the U.S. and Canada. We do fundamental research on commodities markets and common stocks in the metals, fertilizer and forest products sectors. For example, we typically publish 20 investment reports per month and travel for research each month often travelling abroad. We formed our company in 2007 when the former Prudential Equities Group shut down. We are regulated like a money manager, but our business is to advise active money managers and we also manage a few accounts. We are not a broker-dealer, but deliver the same basic research services that we had since 1981 as an employee at major brokerage firms. In our business model we sell our research direct payments and deliver it via email and our web site. Our clients pay us via direct checks, wire transfer, commission sharing agreements or soft dollar payments. We have limited distribution and depend on our existing reputation, existing relationships and "word of mouth." We have provided corporate advisory services to seven small emerging mining companies since inception. John Tumazos became Chairman of the Board of one such company in which he has invested, Texas Rare Earth Resources.

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