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Our human resources philosophy is to have an "open door" whenever truly outstanding individuals become available.  We believe we can "absorb" about one talented professional each six months in the sense of training, cultivating and integrating a new person into our team.

We must naturally be able to afford to pay new members of the team.  It is difficult for us to assess the revenue benefit of a prospective new team member.  For that reason we will offer no financial guarantees, and propose terms of employment in which a portion of the compensation varies with the contribution of the individual and the profitability of our enterprise.

We do not want to be a very large company, as the demise of some larger financial services firms illustrate the disadvantages of sprawling growth.  We enjoy being a tight knit group, and communicate easily.  Presently we envision three lines of business, even though just one is "commercial."  We hope to add niche investment banking and niche money management activities to complement our basic industry investment research.

We try to treat our employees "like guests," and show all courtesies possible.  We understand the unusual demands of our industry, which are not avoidable.  Clients demand financial performance.  The final week of earnings reporting month inevitably has a day or two when more than five companies of interest report earnings.  Several large mining companies have earnings report statements and accompanying slideshows that are more than 50 pages each.  A "time urgency" exists to interpret and publish after a merger announcement, mineral discovery or similar market development.  Some tasks might involve international travel, flight delays, time zone changes across continents, visa paperwork, high altitude medical certifications or vaccinations for tropical diseases.  Success requires stamina as well as talent.

We have a Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical program instituted May 1, 2008 including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision care.  We provide lunch daily.  Our holidays are NYSE "stock market" holidays.  In December 2007 we hosted a Holiday Party and paid year-end bonuses.  We have investigated but have not yet provided 401K, flexible medical benefits or some other features.

John Tumazos Very Independent Research, LLC is searching for qualified employees to fill the below roles:

1. Sales/Marketing.  

Since mid-2007 we have marketed "by word of mouth" and reputation.  Much of our "outreach" is via email and our web site.  We understand that a minority of our email messages are ever read, and that marketing professionals will grow our business.

Role: We are searching for a sales and marketing person(s) to help grow our business.  Candidates must be able to demonstrate an ability to produce "new business" and have a background in sales for the financial industry.  Compensation will vary with the revenues generated.


The requirement is that the individual generate much more in sales revenue dollars than our employment costs, benefits and other expenses.   The candidate must be able to verbalize research ideas cogently to highly talented, very busy and often impatient clients.  As a matter of philosophy do not "buy" business with lavish entertainment.  Hours and location can be flexible, as we care about results and not "punching a time card."  The job would entail interacting with more than ten potential customers per day, as opposed to a rigid schedule of working between 40 and 50 hours per week Monday through Friday.  Candidates may choose to work remote if it is determined that is a workable situation.

Salary/Performance Based Compensation:  based off of sales generation revenue.

2. Financial Analyst

Role:  We are searching for a qualified person with a strong mathematics background (top 0.5% of appliable aptitude tests) to do quantitatively based financial analysis of "energy solids."   These include oil sands, uranium, coal and pulp logs. The job entails designing and keeping up financial models in excel and producing financial reports and forecasts of sales volumes, product prices, earnings, cash flow and balance sheets.


Hours and Location:  Employee must be able to work in office in Holmdel, N.J. exit 114 off Garden State Parkway.  Additionally must be comfortable with home office working environment.  Job entails working Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (there will be times the employee will need to be earlier or stay later for example during earnings season).   Candidates with more than  five years of experience in our industry may be able to work remotely after an introductory transition period.

Salary/Performance based compensation:  dependent on experience and qualifications.

3.  Other

At John Tumazos Very Independent Research we are always more than happy to entertain additional employees in non-strategic positions when good people become available.

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